Last offers to spend a delightful moment close to Carcassonne

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Love and Hate

This is exactly what I feel in January, love and hate.
Just hate that grey and wet weather, those short days where you have absolutely no time to do, create, produce because you´re lacking light and then inspiration…..

But I love this time of the year where you have to re-think it all, offers, products, marketing plan, partnerships, so here is a drop of what Métairie Montplaisir is offering for the low season:

1. A straightforward offer to start, between 25% and 30% on my rooms according to dates

2. Cooking classes week end with a special price for 2 nights and the cooking class (From €340 for 2 nights, cooking class and dinner for 2)









3. Wine tourism for a day or a week end. Did you know that Languedoc Roussillon was the biggest vinyeard in the world? That give us so many wonderful and kind of secret places and wines to explore, Métairie Montplaisir setted up its own wine routes created thanks to nice discoveries and “vignerons”. (From €300 for 2 people and 2 nights)






4. Special occasions menu, next one is for Valentine´s day, €37pp for a chocolate world tour