Truffles in Metairie Montplaisir, Carcassonne …

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Creating special moments out of so little….

When you´re lucky enough to live in a region as rich as Aude you have to listen to the sound of the soil…..And this music has been telling for a few days, enjoy summer truffles.
So here we are, after a call to the wonderful guy providing me with truffles, I finally got a few on my table last wednesday.
Christophe, the truffle guy, came to my place with a bag full of truffles (500gr), hidden below his shirt to cross walking the village…..Some secrets are important to preserve!
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And here we had a new story to tell to our hosts, about summer truffles, recipes, souvenirs, and that was the most important part. Sharing a story with them about local truffles and creating nice memories of their stay in Métairie Montplaisir.

This week it was about truffles, and next week it will be about chocolate,cured ham,olive oil, or courgettes flowers….

Hope to see you next time!